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Help Feed the Hungry

Help Feed the Hungry

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Partner with us to Feed the Hungry in your Local Community!

Agridime has partnered with Food Banks to help feed the Hungry.

Each week, an Agridime truck drops off burgers and other beef products at local food banks.

Those food banks prepare this protein packed beef for individuals in their local communities that desperately need it and lack regular access to proper nutrition.

We are asking for your help in the form of a weekly donation to help feed as many people as you are able to.


    • Donating $2 per week feeds one person, one time each week.

    • Donating $100 per week feeds 50 people, one time each week.

    • Donating $500 per week feeds 250 people, one time each week.

    • Donating $2,500 per week feeds 1,250 people, one time each week.