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Beef, Chicken & Pork Box

Beef, Chicken & Pork Box

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Pricing: $242.19 per 24.53 lb box

Packaging: 24 packages — Vacuum Sealed Individually. Ships Frozen Ships FREE.

    Description: You'll receive a wide variety of our meats in this bundle. You could try our beef, chicken, and pork the next time you fire up your smoker. You'll get 8 different cuts and 24 packages in the Beef, Chicken & Pork Box:

      • 3 (.4-9lbs) Pork Chops Boneless  
      • 3 (16oz pkg.) Ground Pork 
      • 3 (16oz pkg.) Pork Bacon
      • 3 (1.35-1.64lbs  pkg.) Chicken Wings 
      • 3 (.61-1.1lbs pkg.) Chicken Thighs 
      • 3 (16oz pkg.) Grain Fed Fajita Meat 
      • 3 (16oz pkg.) Grain Fed 1/2 lb Beef Patties — 2 per 1lb package
      • 3 (10 oz pkg.) Grain Fed New York Strips 

    Extras: Try a little Santa Maria Style Seasoning with these incredible cuts.

    Get Cooking: Try our Pan Seared New York Strip recipe.

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