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40lb All Beef Cuts Box

40lb All Beef Cuts Box

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You'll receive a variety of all our grain fed cuts in this 40lb beef box assortment. All the cuts you need to make your favorites recipes such as fajitas, steak tacos, lasagna, bbq pulled beef, stir fry, or each item grilled to perfection on your new smoker or grill. Invite the friends and family over to partake in this variety box and they will be sure to leave satisfied. 

We source grain finished beef directly from our partner farmers. As a result of the efficiencies we gain by sourcing our beef directly from our farmers we are able to offer our customers huge savings while still offering a superior product that is directly from the farm. Born and raised in the USA.

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17 Items in our 40lb Beef Box:

8 (16 oz. pkg.) 80% Lean/20% Fat Ground Beef

5 (16 oz. pkg.) 90% Lean/10% Fat Ground Beef

4 (16 oz. pkg.) 80% Lean/20% Fat 1/3lb Ground Beef Patties - 3 Per 1lb Package

1 (16 oz. pkg.) Stew Meat

(16 oz. pkg.) Beef Strips

1 (3lb pkg.) Brisket

1 (2lb pkg.) Chuck Roast

3 (8 oz.) Flat Iron Steak

2 (10 oz.) New York Strip

2 (12 oz.) Ribeye Steak

2 (12 oz.) Round Steak

1 (2lb pkg.) Rump Roast

1 (2.5lb pkg.) Short Ribs

2 (12 oz.) Sirloin Tip Steak

1 (2lb pkg.) Skirt Steak

2 (6 oz.) Tenderloin (Filet Mignon)

2 (12 oz.) Top Sirloin Steak