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Buy Cattle

Buy Cattle

All cattle purchased during the rest of 2020 will be guaranteed 20% yearly profits. Email for more details.

Have you ever wanted to make money raising cattle or selling beef?

Start your own cattle herd today.

Make money through contracting cattle in our beef supply chain.

How it Works:

We are offering cattle for sale at $2,000 per calf. Each calf is contracted into our proprietary beef supply chain. 

Last year, our customers averaged over 20% profit on more than 5,000 head of cattle raised in our system.

All cattle purchased during the rest of 2020 will be guaranteed 20% yearly profits.

Each calf purchased will be raised and finished on our partner farms in Northeastern Kansas.

Upon purchase, your cattle are grazed on our partner farms until they are ready to go to the butcher.

Once your cattle have been processed we sell the beef to our online store and grocery store customers. All of this results in a fair price for anyone who purchases Agridime beef, and a generous profit for you as the owner of the cattle.

Due to this process, Agridime is able to bring consumers beef that is truly farm to table. This result allows us to streamline our supply chains all the way from farmer to consumer. Without the need for middle men, distributors or large corporate structures we are able to pass along a major portion of our profits to our online store beef customers, farmers/ranchers, as well as you here now or any of our other customers who own cattle with us. 

All customers that purchase cattle are issued a contract at the time of purchase certifying and describing payment of cattle contract profits.

We look forward to discussing the opportunity with you further! Feel free to reach out at or make your first cattle purchase below.

Note: Only a limited number of cattle are still available for 2020.

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