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About Us

At Agridime we believe that buying the BEST beef at the BEST price should be simple.

It is our goal to help beef consumers and agriculture producers make the most valuable and informed decision with every dime.
  • So far this year we have helped over 200 farmers and ranchers throughout the Midwest and western states successfully sell their beef directly to our customers online. 
  • When you buy your beef from us you can KNOW it is coming directly from one of our partner farms right here in the United States of America—In God We Trust.

On average, every 40 new customers we gain helps create one job!

Each customer helps us accomplish this vision of creating jobs and growing farms in rural America.

We humbly ask, would you be willing to help us revitalize rural America by trying our beef?

Visit for more information on where your beef comes from.

Our Team

Josh Link Owner, Executive Director Tia Link Owner, Meat Production Manager Jed Wood Owner, Operations Director
Jason Link Meat Supply Chain Director Dallas Goracke Meat Sales Consultant Kevin Morgan Animal Care & Nutrition Manager
Shaston Challans General Operations, Inventory Manager Royana Thomas Financial Controller  Justin Williams Operations Manager & Meat Sales Consultant 
Kaylee Hernandez Customer Service Specialist  Brooke Besemer Web Specialist Daniel Hernandez Warehouse Manager - Ft. Worth
Sam Brooks Sales Representative Zach Williams Marketing Director Caleb Weaver Territory Sales Manager
Charlie Hicks Head Cattle Buyer Jake Teel Director of Agridime Market