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Farm to Table Beef by Agridime

We source Agridime beef directly from our partner farmers.

Our beef is proven to be in the top 2% of beef quality in the United States. 


We were wondering, would you help us create jobs in rural America by purchasing your beef directly from the farm?

Here's How it Works

Our company, Agridime, partners with farms and ranches to allow consumers to purchase their beef products directly from the farm.

You are able to help us by putting your hard earned dollars that you’re already spending on beef into the pockets of farmers and ranchers.

In addition, our beef is some of the most competitively priced on the market. Superior Farm to Table products for less.

On average, every 40 new customers we gain helps create one job!

Please help us accomplish this vision of creating jobs and growing farms in rural America.

We humbly ask, would you be willing to help us revitalize rural America by trying our beef?